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Christmas House (150K) It's Christmas Eve but Santa and his elf are still sleeping. Let's travel to Santa's house at the North Pole to help him make Christmas for everyone this year. Send this cute cartoon e-card with your favorite Christmas song.
Virtual Kiss (50K) Send your friend a big kiss from a sexy girl.
Christmas Wish (50K) Give a wish to someone and get an email to see what they are wishing for. Then, you can give them the things they are wishing for.
Christmas Tree (211K) Pick your favorite objects to decorate your Christmas tree and have your friends guess what they are.
The Red One (190K) Unravel the mystery of these secret letters and send this brain-sucking puzzle to your friends.
Ice Cream Sender (160K) Make ice cream by selecting your own flavors and toppings and send it to your friends.

Christmas Formula (286K) 5 Steps to make Christmas. Try figuring it out how you can use your magic to invoke the spirit of Chrismas.

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